Two adorable lynx kittens born at Newquay Zoo

Tuesday 10th July, 2018

Newquay Zoo is now home to two very cute balls of fluff – twin Eurasian lynx cubs. Born on May 21st the two cubs have been in the lynx house out of the public view ever since. Zoo keepers suspected the birth of the twins after mother, Kicsi, didn’t appear at feeding time. Ever since keepers have closely monitored the mother and father for any sign of the cubs.

Known to be secretive animals, the Eurasian lynx prefer hiding in dense shrubs and bushes, often only appearing at dusk and dawn. There are six species of Eurasian lynx; the charity zoo is home to the Carpathian lynx. This species is predominantly found in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe.

The two kittens can be seen playing with each other and with older sister, Tink, who was born in May last year. Parents Kicsi (mother) and Boomer (dad) have been looking after the little ones closely; Mum can be spotted carrying them in her mouth.

Staff at Newquay Zoo are chuffed about the birth. Senior Carnivore Keeper, Mike Downman, who looks after the cats, commented: “I’m over the moon that Kicsi and Boomer have had two new little ones. I’d suspected she was pregnant for a while, so when she stopped appearing for food I thought it was a sign that she was guarding something - and as it turned out she was in fact guarding two little kittens.”

The Eurasian lynx has quite distinctive features, with black tufts at the tips of their ears and a long white facial ‘ruff’. They also have a patterned coat with dark spots.

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Two adorable lynx kittens born at Newquay Zoo

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