New bridge at Trelissick re-opens thanks to generous donations

Tuesday 13th March, 2018

After a successful fundraising campaign a new bridge has been installed at Trelissick garden which means it can remain whole for generations to come. Visitors are now able to cross the bridge to enjoy parts of the garden that have been closed the past few weeks.

Split in two by the B3289 (the road to the King Harry Ferry), National Trust’s Trelissick garden is incomplete without a bridge spanning this gap. Historically there has been a walkway in place to link the garden since 1821. The bridge that had been in place for the last thirty years was in poor condition and in need of replacement. During January this bridge was removed and a new, beautifully crafted bridge has taken its place. A fundraising campaign was launched in October last year to help raise funds needed to secure the replacement bridge. Thanks to donations from many generous individuals and local groups, the new bridge is now in place.

The new bridge is a stunning feature for the garden, designed and hand built by local green oak craftsman Tom Beer. The bridge’s elegant curved design perfectly captures the spirit of Trelissick with its winding garden and rolling countryside. A closer look at its craftsmanship reveals subtle echoes of Trelissick’s historic character seen in the design of the estate’s gates and doorways. Now the bridge will become part of the garden’s history to be appreciated by generations to come.

John Lanyon, Head Gardener at Trelissick, is thoroughly pleased with the new bridge, saying: ‘It was designed to be elegant and functional to cater to the needs of the garden and its visitors, but at its heart is a traditional carpentry skill which we are proud to support. The finishing touches in its design add class and character that couldn’t be achieved any other way. We’re humbled that we were able to successfully put the new bridge in place thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we couldn’t have done it without them’

It is thanks to donors that the fundraising target of £50,000 has been met and exceeded. The fundraising campaign has attracted donations from individuals from near and far, from Feock to the United States of America.  A significant donation has come from a local lady in recognition of her late husband, John Aldridge who was a master craftsman and bridge builder himself.

The garden is the ideal place to wash away the winter blues with its optimistic displays of daffodils already heralding warmer times to come. Visitors can now venture across the bridge to Carcaddon to see other incredible blooms that follow as the seasons change. The Trelissick team certainly have a spring in their step now this important project has been successfully completed.

To see the progress of the entire project from start to finish visit:

Photograph: ©National Trust/Tom Longman Boswood. 


New bridge at Trelissick re-opens thanks to generous donations

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