Newlyweds Celebrate their Honeymoon with a Great Cornish Adventure

Monday 14th August, 2017

Newly married couple Simon and Monique Allam from Chertsey, Surrey celebrated their honeymoon at Camel Creek Adventure Park near Wadebridge, giving their children who suffer from hypermobility a Cornish Adventure of a lifetime.

Camel Creek provided two weeks of welcoming hospitality at their campsite adjacent to the Adventure Park. Their three children Aimee, Callum and Harry all suffer from a genetic condition which leaves them out of breath and unable to participate in activities that other children can due to their joints moving beyond the normal range.

Monique Allam said: “This is such a fantastic way for us to spend our honeymoon with the family. The children absolutely love the rides and the animals, and staying in the nearby campsite gave them the freedom to relax and take a break when needed. We will definitely be spending our 1st anniversary here as the staff can’t do enough for us”.

The family spent most of their afternoons on their honeymoon break competing against each other on the water slide ‘Raging Rivers’, pumping their adrenaline on the swinging Pirate Ship ‘Viking Warrior’ and interacting with the array of animals on the park.

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Newlyweds Celebrate their Honeymoon  with a Great Cornish Adventure

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