Camel Creek offering reduced prices this season

Posted on Wednesday 28th March, 2018

Camel Creek offering reduced prices this season

Camel Creek Adventure Park is now open with reduced prices for the 2018 season.

With a more intimate new look and feel, Camel Creek makes preliminary preparations for the much-anticipated Resort development. There will be plenty of surprises for families this Easter and beyond as more character days have been added to ensure the Adventure Park remains Cornwall’s premier family day out.

As well as a diverse spectrum of rides and attractions for younger children there are also a variety of larger thrill rides for older children including the newly named Vertigo, Morgawr and the sensational 5D Sim Theatre. Camel Creek Adventure Park is the place to come rain or shine as there are more indoor spaces than at any other theme park in Cornwall with 60,000 square feet of exciting undercover attractions. 

This Easter sees the return of the immensely popular and not-to-be-missed ‘Character Days’ with Peppa Pig and Titan the Robot visiting on the 3rd and 10th April respectively.

Park visitors will see something special on the Animal front too – our Meerkats have had babies and there are some new ponies on their way…

With more fun packed into the coming season than ever before and even better prices for 2018, Camel Creek Adventure Park is certainly the place to be from this Easter and throughout the summer

Book at and save 10% this Easter holiday.


CATA supports the Clean Up the County campaign

Posted on Friday 16th March, 2018

CATA supports the Clean Up the County campaign

Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions and Devon Association of Tourist Attractions, representing many of the peninsula’s attractions, have been working together and been out in force recently on an annual ‘Clean up the County’ South West campaign.

They have joined forces to get Devon and Cornwall clean and tidy and ready for Easter and the influx of all the incoming visitors. This is the fourth year that the ‘Clean Up the County’ campaign has taken place in Devon and the first for Cornwall.

Sadly, litter and rubbish remains a thorny issue and can still be seen strewn across the South West’s roadsides, verges and hedgerows, which continues to blight our landscape and is not a welcoming sight for our visitors.

Each year during the campaign, many of Devon's top visitor attractions take matters into their own hands and send their staff out on litter picking duties around their attractions to clean up the roadsides and raise awareness to the ongoing problem. As the campaign strengthened over time, they have been joined by many other Devon tourism businesses who continue to support the campaign.   

This year the campaign has intensified still further and has moved to become a South West clean-up campaign thanks to the support of their Cornwall counterparts, members of the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions. With several of Cornwall’s best visitor attractions eager to support the campaign and work together to get Cornwall litter free ready for the start of the season.

Chris Murray, Chairman of the Devon Association, said: “It’s great to see so many of Devon and Cornwall’s top visitor attractions joining forces and working together to take part in the annual ‘Clean Up the County’ campaign across the South West. After the ravages of Winter and the plague of un-binned rubbish, we continue to see that the South West still has a serious litter problem. Everyone who lives in Devon and Cornwall needs to do their bit before it makes an impact on our economy and enjoyment of our beautiful counties.

Emma Abbot, Chairman of the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions said: “We are really pleased to be able to support the ‘Clean up the County’ Campaign. We live in a beautiful part of the world and are happy to work together to keep it that way. It’s important to treat the environment around us with respect and care, and several of our members are playing their part. We are happy to work with Devon to make sure we take care of the South West.”

If you see any unusual figures on the highways and byways of Devon and Cornwall, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably only the visitor attraction’s mascots, joining the campaign and doing their bit to help spruce up the South West ready for the spring time crop of visitors. 


Camel Creek Adventure Park helps Cornwall Air Ambulance to continue flying

Posted on Thursday 15th March, 2018

Camel Creek Adventure Park helps Cornwall Air Ambulance to continue flying

Camel Creek Adventure Park have raised over £1500 to support Cornwall Air Ambulance so they can care for those in need around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The Camel Creek Team fundraised throughout 2017 with there customers to help support the Cornish Charity with a selection of fundraising activities from colourful events to having collection tins around the park and selling the charities wristbands.

Among the events was an extravagant Colour Run which saw the adventure park customers walk, jog or run around the park covered in a rainbow of coloured powder paint.

General Manager of Camel Creek Adventure Park; Simon Townsend said “The team here at Camel Creek are absolutely delighted to have raised such a great sum for an amazing cause.  The Cornwall Air Ambulance is very close to everyone’s hearts and a very much needed service for the people of Cornwall, that we have been proud to support.”

The Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust added: "We are very grateful to Camel Creek Adventure Park for their support as Charity of the Year partner in 2017. Every day the Cornwall Air Ambulance attends an average of 2-3 missions, and these missions are only possible because of the generosity of the people and businesses in Cornwall who fund their local air ambulance. Thank you. We look forward to working with Camel Creek Adventure Park again in the future."


Dove with pink head hatched at Newquay Zoo

Posted on Wednesday 14th March, 2018

Dove with pink head hatched at Newquay Zoo

Keepers at Newquay Zoo are celebrating – over a dove with a pink head. This the first hand reared pink-headed fruit-dove to fledge at the Cornish animal charity.

Hatched on Tuesday 30th January, the youngster is adjusting well to life outside of the shell – though at this stage it doesn’t actually have a pink head.

Only one other wildlife park in the country keeps the species. The latest addition to the bird collection hatched after an incubation period of 20 days; after spending time in an incubator, cared for by keepers, the dove has now fledged and will be introduced to the Gems of the Jungle exhibit in the next few months.

The hatchling has been raised on a diet of special formula, with round-the-clock care from the zoo’s keeping team. Once the fledgling is able to feed itself unassisted it will be transferred into the walk-through aviary with the 30 other species housed there.

In the wild, this species is found at high altitudes on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Bali and Java. These colourful doves live within restricted forest areas, building flimsy nests in trees 1000-2200m above sea level. Pink-headed fruit-doves are shy and inconspicuous birds, seen singularly or in pairs, although flocks may congregate at favoured fruit trees.

Senior bird keeper, Gary Ward, commented: ‘We are really excited to have bred this species - this is the first hand-reared chick of this species we have fledged here and we’re really pleased with its progress. This hatchling has been putting on several grams a day, which is really positive, and although the chick doesn’t currently have a pink head, this will come through after its first shed of feathers.’

Gems of the Jungle has been created to highlight the issues around the illegal trade of Asian songbirds. 


New bridge at Trelissick re-opens thanks to generous donations

Posted on Tuesday 13th March, 2018

New bridge at Trelissick re-opens thanks to generous donations

After a successful fundraising campaign a new bridge has been installed at Trelissick garden which means it can remain whole for generations to come. Visitors are now able to cross the bridge to enjoy parts of the garden that have been closed the past few weeks.

Split in two by the B3289 (the road to the King Harry Ferry), National Trust’s Trelissick garden is incomplete without a bridge spanning this gap. Historically there has been a walkway in place to link the garden since 1821. The bridge that had been in place for the last thirty years was in poor condition and in need of replacement. During January this bridge was removed and a new, beautifully crafted bridge has taken its place. A fundraising campaign was launched in October last year to help raise funds needed to secure the replacement bridge. Thanks to donations from many generous individuals and local groups, the new bridge is now in place.

The new bridge is a stunning feature for the garden, designed and hand built by local green oak craftsman Tom Beer. The bridge’s elegant curved design perfectly captures the spirit of Trelissick with its winding garden and rolling countryside. A closer look at its craftsmanship reveals subtle echoes of Trelissick’s historic character seen in the design of the estate’s gates and doorways. Now the bridge will become part of the garden’s history to be appreciated by generations to come.

John Lanyon, Head Gardener at Trelissick, is thoroughly pleased with the new bridge, saying: ‘It was designed to be elegant and functional to cater to the needs of the garden and its visitors, but at its heart is a traditional carpentry skill which we are proud to support. The finishing touches in its design add class and character that couldn’t be achieved any other way. We’re humbled that we were able to successfully put the new bridge in place thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we couldn’t have done it without them’

It is thanks to donors that the fundraising target of £50,000 has been met and exceeded. The fundraising campaign has attracted donations from individuals from near and far, from Feock to the United States of America.  A significant donation has come from a local lady in recognition of her late husband, John Aldridge who was a master craftsman and bridge builder himself.

The garden is the ideal place to wash away the winter blues with its optimistic displays of daffodils already heralding warmer times to come. Visitors can now venture across the bridge to Carcaddon to see other incredible blooms that follow as the seasons change. The Trelissick team certainly have a spring in their step now this important project has been successfully completed.

To see the progress of the entire project from start to finish visit:

Photograph: ©National Trust/Tom Longman Boswood. 


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