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Pirate's Quest NEWQUAY, TR7 1RA

About Pirate's Quest

Pirate's Quest in Newquay is an immersive walkthrough experience combining talented theatrical actors, amazing special effects and detailed 360 degree sets in an authentic, atmospheric adventure transporting visitors back 300 years.

The hour long experience will allow you and your crewmates to explore a series of different scenes while accompanied by a LIVE Pirate Performer who will tell you everything you need to know about being a buccaneer, including why pirates wore eye patches and why they drank rum.


Man the decks and weigh anchor, because Pirate's Quest, Newquay has a brand new storyline for 2019 that will allow visitors to 'Join the Pirate Heroes'.

Calico Jack's crew of live pirate performers are tasked with guiding you through the authentic sets and scenes of Pirate's Quest and introducing you to four of history's most scandalous scallywags. It will then be down to each group of visitors to vote which Pirate Hero they will crown as leader of the Republic of Pirates. Will it be Black Bart the Puritan Pirate, Anne Bonny the Princess of Piracy, William Kidd the stylish Scotsman or the notorious Captain Blackbeard?

But before deciding on your favourite rapscallion, you will first have to survive an adventure of your own. Prepare to be transported back 300 years to the height of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Batten down the hatches, because you'll begin your adventure on board the doomed Royal Anne, a real Pirate Hunters vessel that wrecked off the coast of Cornwall in 1721. Fortunately for you, one of Calico Jack's crewmates will be at hand to rescue you from the sinking ship, lead you through a secret passage, and into the coves of Lizard Point, where Plymouthian Pirate, Henry Every, is rumoured to have hidden his bountiful booty in the early 1700s.

You'll be invited into the tavern, a safe haven for pirates, before deciding whether you're brave enough to enter the optional scare section.

Eventually you'll arrive at the Captain's Ship, ready to set sail to an exotic Caribbean island and join your crewmates in The Republic of Pirates.

Armed with a special treasure map, children can go on the hunt for clues, leading them to some treasure of their own! The experience is suitable for all ages.  

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Opening Hours

Pirate's Quest is open daily from February half term until the end of October. Tour times are limited so do check online and book in advance to secure your space. Please check the website for full details.

Admission Charges

Adult: £10.95
Child: £7.95
Disabled/Carer: £7.75pp
Under 3's: FREE

Group rates available, please call us to find out more.

Information & Contact

St Michael's Road, Newquay, Cornwall
01637 873379


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