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National Maritime Museum Cornwall Falmouth, TR11 3QY

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About National Maritime Museum Cornwall

An independent museum located on Discovery Quay in Falmouth, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall celebrates the incredible maritime history of Falmouth, Cornwall and how the sea influences global culture.

The museum houses 15 galleries, over five floors of interactive exhibits. With a collection that spans The National Small Boat collection, exciting temporary exhibitions, artworks, maps and charts, memorabilia and other objects, and a boatbuilding workshop, there is already plenty to explore at this museum, which won The Telegraph Family Friendly Museum of the Year award in 2014.

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is an Arts Council-funded Major Partner Museum, under the umbrella of the Cornwall Museum Partnership. Its work is supported by a wide range of generous supporters, including the Heritage Lottery Fund, the John Ellerman Foundation, and Cornwall Council.


Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed - Until 7 Jan 2018

This highly anticipated exhibition offers a genuinely ground breaking and comprehensive history of British tattooing, featuring cutting edge designers, leading academics and major private collectors. It tells a story that challenges long-standing myths and pre-conceptions about tattooing when it comes to class, gender and age, while at the same time giving a voice to and celebrating the astonishingly rich artistic heritage of tattooing as an art form in the UK. The exhibition showcases the work of major tattoo artists from George Burchett, via the Bristol Tattoo Club, to Alex Binnie and Lal Hardy.

Captain Bligh: Myth, Man and Mutiny - Until 7 Jan 2018

This exhibition remembers a notable West Countryman and significant national figure on the 200th anniversary year of his death. It tells a story that challenges the more commonly known Hollywood depiction and brings to life one of the greatest small boat survival stories in history, featuring relics from the voyage and a specially built reproduction of the HMS Bounty launch, giving a very real sense of the situation of the 18 men who sailed it over 3600 nautical miles across the Pacific.

Awesome Adventures: Explore The Pacific Islands! May - December 2017

Go on an awesome adventure this summer. Inspired by the heroic voyages of exploration by ships such as captain Bligh's HMS Bounty, join the crew of HMS Adventure in our PlayZone to explore the pacific Islands. Plus craft-making and a summer trial.

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Opening Hours

Open daily 10am-5pm, seven days a week. Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Admission Charges

Adult: £12.95
Children (Under 18): £5.00
Children (Under 5): Free
Groups of 10+ receive 10% discount

Buy a full price individual ticket and get in free to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall for a year!

Information & Contact

National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Discovery Quay, Falmouth
Tel: 01326 313388, TR11 3QY


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