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Lanhydrock Bodmin, PL30 5AD

About Lanhydrock

Once a family home where everyone had their place is today a place for everyone. Lanhydrock is superbly set in 450 acres of woods and parkland running down to the Fowey river and encircled by formal and woodland gardens, lovely in all seasons.

Dating from the 17th century but largely re-built after a fire in 1881, Lanhydrock has 50 rooms on show giving an extraordinary glimpse into the life of a Victorian country house from the children's nursery wing and the splendid comforts of the state rooms to the fascinating warren of kitchens, larders and sculleries 'below stairs'. There is a restaurant and shop in the house and plant sales in the car park.

At Lanhydrock, the garden and park are open all year round; shop and refreshments for most of the winter.

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If you join the National Trust at Lanhydrock, you will have nothing to pay on the day and your money stays on site to help our important conservation work. You can then visit any National Trust property, coastal or countryside site for free for a full year.

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Landhydrock, Bodmin
Tel: 01208 265950


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