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Pirate's Quest NEWQUAY, TR7 1RA

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About Pirate's Quest

Pirate's Quest is an immersive walk-through experience which combines talented theatrical actors, amazing special effects, and detailed 360 degree sets in an authentic, atmospheric adventure.

Embark on a voyage through Cornwall's pirating past with a LIVE Pirate crew and feel, hear, smell and see Cornwall's intriguing legends and exciting history, from King Arthur and Merlin to Smugglers and Giants. The hour long experience transports crew-mates back - 300 years - to the Golden Age of Piracy to find out everything about being a buccaneer, including why pirates wore eyepatches and drank rum! 

Armed with a treasure map, go on the hunt for hidden clues, solve the puzzles, and reveal the secret code word.  When you finish your adventure return to the Treasure Shoppe with your completed Treasure Map to claim your Pirate Booty!

If you're feeling brave enough you'll have the option to enter the Scare Section of the experience, filled with screams and laughter! (This part can be easily avoided for those who wish by choosing the alternative safe route).

We highly recommend booking online in advance to secure a tour time.

Check out our special events running in 2017 on our website.

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Opening Hours

Pirate's Quest will re-open for February Half Term 2017.
Open daily during school holidays. Please check the website for full details.
Due to our limited availability we always advise booking online in advance to secure a tour time.

Admission Charges

Adult: £10.95
Child: £7.95
Disabled/Carer: £7.75pp
Under 3's: FREE

Group rates available, please call us to find out more.

Information & Contact

St Michael's Road, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1RA


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