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National Maritime Museum Cornwall Falmouth, TR11 3QY

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About National Maritime Museum Cornwall


Where else in the world can you jump aboard a Viking ship and meet the Vikings, go under the sea without getting wet, learn how to sail, climb a 100ft tower and touch Olympic boats all in one day?

Thousands have seen the highly acclaimed Viking Voyagers exhibition. Now in its second and final year, don?t miss your opportunity to take an epic journey into the Viking world.

Get up close to Norse voyagers, experience Viking life over 1000 years ago with smells, hands on objects and climb aboard a full scale replica Viking ship.

Discover rare antiquities, many on display for the first time in the UK. Encounter real history from ship graffiti to a sorceress? wand and treasures from Viking raids. Explore the secret to the Vikings? success and the truth behind the popular myth of the bloodthirsty raiders.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall has 15 galleries, over five floors beautifully exploring our maritime heritage and heroes.  Discover Cornwall?s past, its people and the part they played in making Britain great.

The Viking Voyagers exhibition closes on 2 January 2017

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Opening Hours

Open daily 10am-5pm, seven days a week. Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Admission Charges

Adult: £12.50
Children (Under 18): £5.00
Children (Under 5): Free
Groups of 10+ receive 10% discount

Buy a full price individual ticket and get in free to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall for a year!

Information & Contact

National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Discovery Quay, Falmouth
Tel: 01326 313388, TR11 3QY


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